An agency with technical and emotional depth, here to help you catch up to the future.

We believe every individual and organization has the potential to be great. Every project is an opportunity to humanize the way we do business and the world we live in.

The opportunity

We believe every individual and organization has the potential to become great—it involves putting people first, tapping into your purpose, and harnessing the transformative power of technology. We help with all three.

At the intersection of your organization's leadership, marketing and IT teams, Domain7 helps you pursue not just the digital opportunity, but the human one.

"In order to turn new technologies into profits and growth," said a McKinsey article in 2014, "marketing and IT will need to change how they work—and how they work together."

What we do

Through a highly collaborative process, Domain7 creates innovative, empathetic digital experiences that help organizations grow and communities connect. Our process is designed to change our clients for the better, by bringing empathy and human-centered thinking to everything we do. Which is this:

Business, brand and marketing strategy
Consulting, research, naming, ideation and planning

Digital design
UX design, responsive design, logo and identity services

Content creation
Story advising, film production, photography, copywriting

Workshops and facilitation
Prototyping and concept workshops, discovery workshops

Web platforms
Digital user experiences, web accessibility and user testing

Systems integration
Cloud applications, custom web software tools

On campus with a higher-ed client, as part of the strategy & research phase, running field workshops in the student commons. The exercise pictured applied principles from IDEO's Human-Centered Design Toolkit to understand student behaviour and needs.

About Domain7

Founded in 1997, by Shawn Neumann

Offices in Vancouver & Abbotsford

Approximately 40 team members

Serving clients in Canada, USA and the UK, across industries including higher education, non-profit, startups, retail, technology and more

Featured in FastCompany, Applied Arts, The Globe & Mail, Communication Arts, CNBC, BC Business, BC's Fastest Growing Companies

Pick your favourite term: We're alternately called a web agency, a software company, a user-experience design firm, a digital transformation agency, a digital consultancy, or simply (and hopefully), your partner.

Domain7 means 'perfect place.' It's the word that describes our vision of a nearly impossible goal: of an entire world made better. It stands alongside terms like utopia, shalom, world peace. But it's the journey we're all on, the one we may never get to—that never-ending quest to find greatness—and it's what keeps us constantly moving forward.

Shawn Neumann, Founder + CEO, Domain7

Empathy, depth and purpose: why we're different

With the variety of digital agencies, innovation consultancies and web talent available to choose from, why would Domain7 make your shortlist?

1. Our digital depth: Some agencies are new to the web game; they've bolted on "digital services" as an afterthought. Our roots are in the web: full-stack development for the browser was our first focus, we were first-movers in the responsive design trend, and we've built a trusted, competent, technical team that delivers.

2. Our disciplined project management: A 2011 Harvard Business Review article pointed out that "IT projects are now so big, and they touch so many aspects of an organization, that they pose a singular new risk...they have sunk whole corporations." We recognize the value and worth of your projects, and match that with rigorous, transparent project management.

3. Our empathy creates results: We create emotionally-resonant work that makes an impact. It comes from thoughtful research and active listening to help us understand our clients' real needs, their customers, their cultures, their pain points. It translates to sensitive and sound business strategies, powerfully emotive design, and human-centered user experiences.

4. Connect with something bigger: We're an organization that seeks the bigger picture. We want the web and the world to be a better place, and our whole culture exists in pursuit of human betterment. When you work with us, you become part of that tribe and movement, too.

5. You'll really like being part of our team: You can meet them here. We're a friendly, fun, fascinating team, and we don't hide our people behind executives. You'll become part of our team when you work with us: we believe real, attainable transformation happens when we collaborate closely together.

6. We help build your capacity to do more. We believe the best digital strategies don't involve blowing up your website every 2-3 years. Instead, you should be iterating based on user feedback and continuous testing. This can happen with a healthy digital culture paired with smart systems. Our process of close collaboration helps you build both. It's what we mean when we say, "change is in the making."

I loved working with your project managers. The project was a lot more technical than we had anticipated but they explained complexities in easy to understand ways. It meant they quickly gained my trust. Honestly they exceeded my expectations at nearly every turn.

Taili Coates, Director of Digital, Earls Kitchen + Bar

Our approach

If you want transformation, it doesn't come from simply strategizing, it comes from making. Doing. Building. Executing. Launching. Shipping. It doesn't come from buying a product or service—it comes from creating. Our approach invites you to be part of the creation process. Change is in the making.

We do our best work (and you do your most significant changing) when you are deeply involved with entire process, in a real partnership. It's our goal for each collaboration: that our clients leave with healthier cultures and greater capacity.

A short video depicting our client centered, people focussed approach to digital projects.

Imagine what's possible, together

Our partnerships are designed to adapt your business to compete in the digital age. Imagine what's possible: a completely custom cloud application to run your enterprise. A seamless web user-experience for desktop, tablet and

smartphone devices. A powerful, emotional storytelling experience to re-inspire your audience. A transformed organization.

If you're ready to build the future together,

let's chat.