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Venn diagram: What people care about / What you have to offer
What people care about / What you have to offer

The Human Web

The human web is a living place where we communicate, share and do what matters to us. We are passionate about finding the savoury centre, where your purpose meets your audience's need. Together, we craft useful tools, share meaningful stories and build interesting places that help you humanize the web.

A coffee mug to illustrate the Stories overview


Memorable human moments

Stories connect people with what matters–they are the emotive experiences that connect your brand with your audience. Those meaningful, magnetic stories already exist in your organization. We find them and bring them to life–making them dynamic, memorable and shareable.

Our Toolkit
  • Creative direction
  • Digital strategy
  • Story design
  • Video production
  • Social media strategy
A couch to illustrate the Places overview


Interesting, worthwhile venues

The web is our common ground–it's where we connect, play and learn. Your audience already lives online. We create venues for them to meet the real you–a comfortable gathering place that's always worth their time.

Our Toolkit
  • Content architecture
  • Concept development
  • User-experience design
  • Responsive mobile design
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A fork to illustrate the Tools overview


Functional applications that get things done

The web is more than just an endless encyclopedia–it's a place where real things get done and real problems are solved. Everyday business processes can be smooth, automatic and even enjoyable online. Our tools focus on function and fit. Like your grandad's favourite hammer–shaped and weighted just right–the best applications make tasks more efficient and more enjoyable.

Our Toolkit
  • CMS development
  • Mobile development
  • Custom development
  • Database and API integration
  • E-commerce


How we think shapes what we make. And on some things we think it’s important to take a stand. Here are some thoughts that shape our approach.

Domain7 Manifesto

Domain7 Manifesto

This is a declaration of Domain7’s approach to business and life—a collection of founding principles upon which we make decisions and try to make every interaction more human.

Who We Are

Domain7 is a human-friendly web agency. We help organizations innovate and grow through a humans-first approach to connecting people around something worth believing in. Whether we’re designing a truly intuitive interface, telling emotive stories, or building a custom tool to meet a specific human need, our end goal is always to make life easier for our clients and their clients.