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5 Awesome Things About

Regent Homepage

We are so pleased to launch a brand new, industry-defining site for Regent College. The site truly raises the bar for higher education on the web. The Regent team are fantastic clients—we can't say enough about how forward-thinking, open and collaborative they were through this process.

Nearly 15 months in the making, the site was touched by more than 20 of our team members in various stages of strategy, content, design and development. We're incredibly proud of it.

There are so many cool/smart/delightful elements of this site which will have to wait for future blog posts, but to celebrate the launch, here are five things we think are particularly awesome about it:

1. Client-centric

Often agencies are so concerned with bells, whistles and winning awards, that they put actual client needs second. We made Regent's goals our first concern. That meant building the brand, attracting new students, and communicating with students and alumni. The site is still gorgeous, but form followed function.

2. Mobile friendly

We built the site responsively, so it shifts and resizes for optimal browsing according to what device you're using. No pinching or pulling required.

3. First class functionality

Our development team got to flex some technical muscle with fun animation and powerful tools like Regent's course search—students can now find courses by name or course number, and sort by seven different criteria. And thanks to some clever coding, the results load instantly.

4. Lots of personality

One of the biggest challenges of putting Regent online was conveying their blend of rigorous academics and vibrant warmth. We did lots of listening to develop a site that is as fresh, smart and forward-looking as Regent—including visual references to the College's distinct architecture. The brand shines throughout.

5. Incredibly versatile

Regent needed a platform they could easily replicate for future microsites. We created an additional template they can adapt and reuse for campaigns, conferences, departments, summer school, their library, bookstore, including custom donation and conference registration platforms.

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