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Germany 2011 - Day 9
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Germany 2011 - Day 12

Germany 2011 - Day 12

Sunday, 9 October 2011

A Studio Tour of Germany

Munich, Germany

My final day in Germany was spent in Munich, Bavaria, famous for Oktoberfest, the world's largest fair, with more than 6 million people attending each year, injecting $1 billion into the Munich economy. But that had already ended the week before.

Instead, I ran into hordes of marathon runners and spectators on my way to the Pinakothek museums.

There, I met up with Michael Eichelsdörfer (@michael-e), a freelance Symphony developer working in Munich. He showed me around the Englischer Garten, a large public park in the centre of Munich, a favourite destination for surfers. Yes, surfers!

Making Things Just Work by Breaking Them

Michael is well known in Symphony CMS circles as the human-powered solution for unit testing for the Symphony core and extensions. He showed me his creative, manual process of putting the Email Newsletter Manager extension through its paces, coming up with new ways of breaking things to make sure the software is ready for a beta release.

Huib Keemink (@creativedutchmen) and Michael have been working together on the core Email API, the Email Template Manager extension and the next version of the Email Newsletter Manager extension to take advantage of the power of XSLT for email subscription management for a multi-domain site running off a single install of Symphony.

Michael is a very valuable member of the Symphony CMS open source community, usually first to find bugs and holes in the software, so we and our clients will be less likely to find them first. He's certainly been a major factor in the stability of Symphony, as he pushes the application to its limits.

Ending My Trip, Continuing the Journey

So, my visit with Michael concluded my travels across Germany, attending the three-day Symposium in Cologne, conducting a studio tour to visit members of the Symphony CMS community in Bonn, Braunschweig, Ulm and Munich, and to tour the museums, buildings and institutions of both the historical and contemporary Bauhaus.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. I know my journey will continue as part of a passionate group of designers and developers, as we take the next steps in strengthening the community, the capabilities, and the reach of Symphony, continuing to build on the work of those who came before us.

Photo Highlights

For anyone who would like to peruse the photographic highlights of my trip, see the Symposium 2011 and Germany 2011 sets of my Flickr account.