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Germany 2011 - Day 11
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Germany 2011 - Day 5

Germany 2011 - Day 5

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Symposium 2011

Cologne, Germany

The final day of the Symposium was dedicated to discussions about the future of Symphony in practical terms. The group was divided into two groups for each pair of topics, in order to have time to tackle all the topics we still had left on our list to discuss.

  • Extensions
  • User Interface Design
  • Core Ensembles
  • Static Pages
  • Entry Relationship Management
  • Security

There were discussions and debates, and for most items, we were able to reach concensus on many decisions to move Symphony forward while maintaining a very high standard for design and development practices throughout the application.

One of the most important developments of the day was the assignment of a list of tasks assembled by Craig Zheng and Brendan Abbott for a reenvisioned and reengaged working group. Then, it was back to the beer garden to celebrate the end of a very successful Symposium.