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Germany 2011 - Day 7

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Bonn to Braunschweig, Germany

I travelled from Bonn to Braunschweig by train and found my way to the home of Nils and Johanna Hörrmann, who are also part of the German Symphony Developers Network, the group who organized the Symposium this year.

Nils and Johanna, along with Max, their newborn son, showed me around their studio/home in Braunschweig where Nils and Johanna have been freelancing, designing and developing Symphony sites as hana+nils. They are a very talented duo. Nils has developed one of the most popular extensions for Symphony, the Subsection Manager. Together, Johanna and Nils developed a beautiful ensemble, Pompodium, released to the community for the Symposium held last year in London.

Nils recently shared the process he and Johanna use for building reusable design templates for Symphony development using Git, GitHub and Gity.