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Stories Worth Telling: Be Fearless

Lately around the Domain7 offices we’ve been talking a lot about courage. The best projects require digging deep to bravely pursue a central story.

We love working with Regent College because they are willing to take risks as part of a larger strategy. They’ve been truly brave as they’ve reshaped their brand and brought it boldly to the web.

Part of their mission as an innovative graduate school is to find the best ideas, and apply them. Through strategy & storytelling we helped Regent give these ideas a human face.

We developed four archetypes of the people that best symbolize the school: Creative, Thoughtful, Redemptive and Fearless. We scoured their alumni base for real-world examples through research and one-on-one interviews.

Then, we produced video & photography representing each archetype. What’s compelling about these stories is that they are focused, not on Regent, but on the ideas and experiences central to becoming the kind of person who thrives at the school.

We think these videos show the authenticity behind the people who make Regent the distinguished institution it is. They are relatable, reusable, sharable, beautiful stories that Regent and its alumni can identify with.

Here’s the latest:





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