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“Merry Christmas, Internet” lyrics

Got my YouTube yule log burning online
Got my holiday greetings sent by email on time
Double-checked to see if Netflix still has Elf
And got my Gravatar changed to a Santa hat selfie

Tonight, I’m ready to be, posting festive pictures on my Instagram feed
Tonight, HTTP means “Holiday-Themed Technology Party”

All the robot marketers have finally gone to sleep
Pre-scheduling their customary Christmas morning tweets
All the comment sections feel whiter than the snow
As if this earnest Christmas fervor even chilled out all trolls

Tonight, I’m ready to be, tweeting gift exchanges as they’re happening
Tonight, these Ws three, mean Warmest Winter Wishes to your family

Instagram’s aglow with out-of-focus Christmas twinkle photos
Twitter is aflutter with the wishes that we send each other
Facebook families with their grannies open gifts in their pajammies
Even Google fit the mood; they put that Rudolph on the Doodle

Raise your eggnog to the heavens
Crank your smartphone to eleven
Merry Christmas, Internet, from all your friends at Domain7