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Regent College

A vibrant, arts-loving theological college gets a dramatic, robust, media-friendly revamp.

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Case Study

  • Strategy & Marketing
  • User Experience Design
  • Rails Development
  • Front-End Development
  • Mobile Development

From strategy, discovery, user experience testing, to design and development, Domain7 can be described as thorough, smart, and leading edge—no stone was left unturned with this highly effective team. The results speak for themselves with an award winning site that is a true reflection of Regent College to the future graduate student. The new Regent College website not only makes us relevant in the eyes of our core audiences, but also creates a smoother user experience for those audiences.

Sarah Clayton, Director of Marketing & Communications

Regent College is a progressive theological graduate school on UBC’s Vancouver campus. It’s savvy, innovative and more interested in producing excellent thinkers than training traditional pastors (though they do that too). But when they approached us, their website would have made you think otherwise.

Their new site had to support three business goals: build the brand, attract new students, and facilitate communication with students and alumni. We made those needs our gauge for every element of the site.

In order to help build the brand, we had to deeply understand it and the people it produces—so we did lots of listening to develop a site that is as fresh, smart and forward-looking as Regent itself. The brand shines throughout—through smart copy, images of real students and visual references to the school’s distinct architecture.

The site was also designed to be fully responsive, so it adapts to offer equally graceful viewing on mobile, tablet and desktop browsers. It breaks any stereotypes of seminaries as stodgy or conservative. Instead it reflects Regent’s progressive approach to theological studies and vibrant campus community.

Not only are the Regent staff and student community thrilled with the end result—the web community has taken a shine to it. We’ve received an Applied Arts interactive award, a CSS Design Award, and nods from Communication Arts and responsive designers all around the web.

The old Regent College website, before the redesign.

A video call connect designers and developers in a discussion about the technical flow of the project.

The design team sketches out lists of pages that will require unique design treatment.

Plasted wall-to-wall in a breakout room in the Abbotsford office, all of the wireframes for the Regent site help us see the flow and experience of the user.

We gave three distinctly different design options to Regent, in the form of styleboards. These are collages of web elements that all fit within a unique design theme, and helps us ask "Which direction do you want to go?" (They chose the bottom one.)

Supplying Regent College with a distinct style guide for making web decisions helps ensure the site will flourish far into the future.