People-centric digital experiences for change-ready organizations

When it’s time to evolve your organization's user experience and systems, Domain7 is your people-centric partner.

Human organizations win

We’ve seen what it takes for resilient organizations to thrive: Put your people first, and design every touchpoint to support the customer experience, inside and out. 

Design-driven, empathy-centric organizations tend to be more strongly customer-focused — and all of these traits are consistently correlated with thriving businesses. The data supports it.

Over our 20 year journey, Domain7 has built a culture around people-first values and the pursuit of design that makes a definitive difference in organizational life.

Design-conscious companies outperform their competition, as shown by the DMI Design Value Index. Read more on "Why design thinking makes business sense" from Domain7's Stanley Lai.

What's your starting point for digital transformation?

Your customer experience is broken
Today, your overall customer experience isn’t meeting expectations. A disconnected journey across all channels that results in friction and frustration (for them, and for you.) What would it take to unify the customer experience in a way that treats all touchpoints with consistency, regardless of technology? 

It may be time to consider:

A UX transformation
Using the toolkit of service design and user experience design, Domain7 can help map out the journey of your customer, across all touchpoints. From here, we help identify key opportunities to investing intelligently in improving the right experiences, interfaces and interactions. 

Your systems are lagging
You might sense that the real problem is backstage, inside your own shop. You see the inefficiency of your workforce running dated software that just doesn't help deliver a positive customer experience. Legacy databases (or that monolithic enterprise solution that was chosen 17 years ago) just aren't stacking up. 


Modernizing your business tech
Your employees are customers, too. By using the same UX toolkit to explore your internal reality, Domain7's design research helps identify the key patterns, tasks and data your workforce depends on. From there, imagine architecting and building a right-sized solution to change the way your shop works (maybe even a custom cloud application, taking full advantage of APIs and microservices architecture. A girl can dream, can't she?)

Your metrics are missing
Maybe you're up and running with digital products to power your organization and enhance your customer experience, but the challenge lies here: getting consistent data on their performance, and the right rhythm in place to identify opportunities for improvement. How do you keep a good thing running?

Perhaps it's time for:

An optimization program
Domain7 has designed an offering called "The Loop." Based on the build-measure-learn model of continuous improvement, this subscription-based service helps your own team build their capacity smart change. We help establish key goals, then plan targeted features to ship during regular design and dev sprints. 

Learn more about The Loop here.

Recognize your reality, but not sure where to start?

It’s often smart to start with a workshop: figure out your goals, your cultural reality, your customer’s journey in a collaborative environment, and get unstuck.

Domain7's signature approach to workshops help bring key stakeholders across an organization together to make concrete, co-created plans for improving the customer experience. Talk to us to get started.

Domain7's people & culture

Becoming a people-centric, design-driven organization is not a superficial gloss or an artificial posture. It takes authenticity — and at Domain7, we've built a community of people over the years who are share a common vision...

Domain7's vision is to help create a more empathetic and connected world. This means we tend to believe that "how we create, as a team and with clients, may generate ripples of impact that radiate well beyond the solutions we come up with." 

Our values, not coincidentally, are seven: Put people first. Act with integrity. Create collaboratively. Build for excellence. Seek innovation. Pursue possibility. Grow purposefully.

We partner with those who see the power of community

We partner with organizations working in...

Health: From health research to patient care, Domain7 partners with many organizations in the healthcare space to consider all sides of the health experience.

Education & community: Serving higher education, community and civic institutions, Domain7's work helps streamline and support user-centered delivery of services.

The people-centric enterprise: For businesses ready to take the leap to become people-centric, design-driven organizations, we aid in their transformations. 

What our clients say...

“For me, the value in working with Domain7 is that they are partners in the truest sense of the word. Rather than adopt a 'the client is always right' approach, I count on them to make the most of my vision. They bring their experience, intelligence, knowledge, skills, and natural curiosity to bear, shaping and refining that vision, and translating it into a product that far exceeds what I imagined it could be. It’s a win win—for us and for our users.”

- John Moreau, Digital Communications Advisor, District of North Vancouver

We believe you can unleash tremendous value with the right investment in customer experience. If you sense this too, 

let's start with a conversation.