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People-centric systems and cultures begin with an empathetic partner, and a proven process.

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Resilient organizations that thrive in today's complex realities understand the simple, grounding principle that's at the heart of good design: put people first. 

Design-driven, empathetic organizations are more customer-focused, innovative, and responsive: essential strengths in today's rapidly shifting business, social and economic environments.

Over the past 20 years we've grown into a strongly people-first culture that places empathy alongside deeply sophisticated, end-to-end digital expertise. 

Systems and culture, built with and for your people.

Cultural Facilitation

Highly effective, customer-centric companies and digital products come from healthy, people-centric cultures. In-project or as a standalone initiative, our trained and experienced facilitators work with you to design a facilitation experience specifically for your organization's needs. 

User Experience

A sophisticated understanding of UX research and methods underpins every project we undertake. From user interviews to experience mapping workshops, our design practitioners identify opportunities to invest intelligently in improving key experiences, interfaces and interactions.


Digital Systems

Disconnected, lagging systems are a cost organizations can't afford anymore. Our digital services team benefits from in-house, highly integrated front-end and custom development teams that collaborate with our UX designers to create uniquely people-centric, resilient and integrated systems. 

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Digital transformation for community-centric organizations

Education & community: Serving higher education, community and civic institutions, Domain7's work helps streamline and support user-centered delivery of services.

Health: From health research to patient care, Domain7 partners with organizations in the healthcare space to consider all sides of the health experience.

Enterprise: We help transform businesses ready to take the leap to become people-centric, design-driven organizations.

“For me, the value in working with Domain7 is that they are partners in the truest sense of the word. Rather than adopt a 'the client is always right' approach, I count on them to make the most of my vision. They bring their experience, intelligence, knowledge, skills, and natural curiosity to bear, shaping and refining that vision, and translating it into a product that far exceeds what I imagined it could be. It’s a win win—for us and for our users.”

- John Moreau, Digital Communications Advisor, District of North Vancouver

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We've partnered with world-class universities, local governments, leading businesses and many more inspiring partners over the past two decades. Find a selection of our project stories here. 

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