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The future of work is a new way of working: one that puts people first, and embraces collaboration. These practices are shown to yield transformative gains: healthier cultures, higher retention, improved innovation, and greater sustainability.

Domain7 designs and hosts a variety of experiential learning opportunities to equip you with transformative collaborative methods to take you forward into a stronger, more innovative future.

Upcoming Experiences

Personal Ethics & Design: A dialogue with the Vancouver design community

October 17, 2019 | 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm | Domain7 Railtown Studio, Vancouver

A Van UX Awards 2019 Workshop: in partnership with Domain7

Why do you design? How do you design? Join Stanley Lai in exploring the values that drive our daily work as a community.

Drawing from the Domain7 team's co-creative approach, and informed by Stanley Lai's recent research in design ethics, this is a unique and meaningful workshop crafted specifically for the Vancouver design community.

Enjoy an evening with peers, carefully examining the motives and values that drive us to create in the ways we do. Through thoughtful dialogue, we will unpack our individual and shared stories, describing what matters to us and how that determines how we design.

The complex and challenging realities emerging globally in our era demand the response of conscientious, collectively-minded designers. Much has been written and said from stages around the world about design and tech's role in shaping a thriving future. Let's take a collaborative step as a community of practitioners, creating ethical signposts to help us address emergent futures.

Food and refreshments will be provided. Event fees go towards covering the hosting costs of the workshop.

About Stanley Lai

As Design Director for Domain7, Stanley Lai has worked with diverse clients across industries. He believes strongly in what he terms "consequential design"—design's ability to transform society for the better. Alongside his speaking schedule, Stan works with teams to facilitate and teach design approaches that build better cultures and more effective organizations.

Stan's served as a sergeant in the Singapore Armed Forces and has produced award-winning design work for startups and tech firms from Asia Pacific to the UK to Vancouver. He’s recently completed a Masters of Strategic Design and Management at Parson’s School of Design, The New School, where his thesis work explored and outlined an applied ethical framework for designers.

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Available experiences

Contact us to book one of the following workshops, or to discuss creating a custom experience for your team.

The Organization Workshop Available on request

The legendary Organization Workshop, pioneered by systems thinking expert Barry Oshry, is one of the best-known ways to help organizations change the conversation from politics and personalities to productive partnerships. Using an immersive, game-like experience, the workshop provides a new framework and common language while creating a safe, inclusive space for dialogue and learning. Domain7 is certified by Power+Systems, the company founded by Oshry, to deliver the Organization Workshop. Find out more here.

The Changemaker's Challenge - Available on request

Debuting in 2018 at SXSWedu in Austin, Texas, The Changemaker's Challenge is an experiential learning workshop to help unstick our habitual thinking and workplace practices around change. It's a thoughtful, provocative and highly interactive session that quickly creates the space for serious breakthroughs. Geared for change leaders inside complex organizations, this visceral 2-hour learning experiences helps us see our role in leading change. Find out more here.

Design Thinking Training (Half day or full day) - Available on request

While “design thinking” as a field has been practiced for generations, Domain7 brings a distinctive approach that adds an additional dimension to the practice. Few trainers in Canada are as equipped as Domain7 to deliver first-class design thinking training matched with real-world, applied experience. Our approach to design thinking is highly participatory, highly accessible, with a focus on community engagement. Find out more here.

The Listening Lab - Available on request

Have we understood the connection between listening and leadership? The way improving our listening skills can increase our ability to find innovation opportunities, or to help build healthier cultures? If we do, how often do we truly create the space to practice and learn listening as an art? The Listening Lab lets participants take a close look at what listening looks like, both interpersonally and organizational. Built on mediation and conflict resolution theory, The Listening Lab gives you practical building blocks for true collaborative leadership. Contact us for more information.

Designing for Divergent Futures  Available on request

How can we become better at anticipating the future, and designing experiences that are empowering and ethical? Designing for Divergent Futures is a hybrid workshop that mixes hands-on design explorations with fresh perspectives on emerging futures. Discover the design methods that will help you filter out the noise, understand the significance of trends, and identify meaningful future opportunities. Participants will be taken through an immersive experience blending futurism, design methods, and ethics to arrive at a place of empowerment for a new digital age. Come prepared to stretch your minds, and explore new ideas as we anticipate what’s next. Contact us for more information.

When Cultures Meet - Available on request

When Cultures Meet is designed to create a safe place to have constructive conversations about how culture differences affect us as individuals, and as a whole. Used in settings ranging from corporate mergers to cross-cultural encounters, When Cultures Meet is a powerful way of generating crucial dialogue about the way we come together. Contact us for more information.

Custom Retreats & Facilitated Sessions - Available on request

Design sprints. Vision and values workshops. Leadership retreats. Training sessions in design thinking. Domain7 specializes in creating and customizing unique experiences to help embed collaborative values in organizations. Contact us to design the right experience for your team.

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