Domain7 & Civil Space

Civic engagement for a new era of digital. 

Built by the team that's delivered over two decades of ground-breaking digital experiences.

A platform designed with deep UX expertise and a firmly people-centric perspective.

Meet Civil Space.

An agency known for sophisticated UX, and people-centric culture.

A depth of sectoral experience and government partnerships.

A new platform for governments ready to thrive in the digital era.

As an agency we've built an authentic reputation as strongly people-first culture that puts empathy to work in sophisticated UX research and design projects. Community listening and engagement is a skill, and it's one we've honed over two decades of putting people first in every way.

When you truly care about people, your work evolves along certain lines. Community organizations. Complex, worthy challenges. Our government partnerships have uncovered areas of deep knowledge that we're passionate about. One of those areas? Online civic engagement.

What do you get when you take years (and years) of experience refining complex digital transformations and listening carefully to government clients and constituents? The vision for a civic engagement platform that is rigorously designed and flawlessly executed. Welcome to Civil Space. 

Civic Engagement as Designed by a Digital Leader

Meet your citizens where they are. (On their phones.)

Using polling, feedback-gathering, and reporting tools, Civil Space lets governments capture ideas and perspectives from their citizens directly, reaching people right where they are. And unlike some engagement platforms, Civil Space performs flawlessly on mobile. Which is where your citizens spend much of their time online. 

Public participation grounded in best practice. Redesigned for the digital age.

Collaborative decision-making through Civil Space not only helps cities advance policy with greater transparency and buy-in, but helps build trust between citizens and their government.

By taking a clear, collective, and visual approach to online citizen engagement and grounded in the IAP2 spectrum of public participation, Civil Space encourages healthier and more empathetic community conversations, amplifies diverse voices, and creates momentum towards consensus.

“Civil Space is a tool that will empower you to get the qualitative and quantitative data needed to affect positive change.”

Justin P. Goodrich | Alliance Public Affairs Group

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Expertly designed by User Experience practitioners to spark and support robust community engagement.


Increase the amount of high-quality feedback you receive

Set up your engagements to include the right amount of context surrounding an engagement to ensure your community is informed, but not overwhelmed


Build consensus through empathy and collaboration toward emerging solutions

Enable generative ideation and selective commenting where it’s needed, going beyond consulting to truly collaborate with your citizens


Unlock insights with ease.

Built-in cross-tabbing for quantitative responses, along with machine learning for text analysis helps get you from completed engagements, to understood results in record time


Build trust with your community

Your community’s brand takes the lead through logo, colour, and domain name customization to make this your tool.


Help your citizens understand the whole process

Project hub pages can be rapidly built to communicate the purpose, stages, contacts, files, media, and opportunities for citizens to engage with the topic at hand.


Keep your data local

With data centres in Canada, USA, and the UK (and more coming soon), your unique instance of the online engagement experience resides in your home country, and so does all the data you collect.


Take advantage of mobile moments

Capture the attention and opinions of your community in between the important moments of their day, leveraging a platform built to encourage mobile engagement from the ground up.


Achieve diversity of input through thoughtful accessibility

Ensuring every voice is heard can be tough—Importing data collected in offline 1:1 sessions, multi-lingual participation, and WCAG 2.0 compliance gives you more than a fighting chance.

“Using the tool has been seamless; we’ve increased the diversity and amount of feedback received.”

Mairi Welman | District of North Vancouver

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Rooted in reality.

Like any good origin story, ours starts at home. 

With the District of North Vancouver.

The District of North Vancouver had been a Domain7 digital partner for several years when they reached out to us with a new design challenge: how could they engage a wider cross-section of their community in civic engagement? Town halls were repeatedly drawing the same demographic, and large segments of their population were not engaging with their outreach. 

Domain7’s team worked closely with DNV to design and develop a custom platform for citizen engagement. A rigorous user research process informed the development of a public consultation tool that invited direct input from citizens. The tool equipped the DNV to customize modules and ways of presenting information and asking questions, involving a younger, wider demographic of their citizens in their decision-making process. It's been a resounding success, with an engagement on park improvements bringing in 1,543 responses and 3,462 comments over the course of three weeks. Read the full case study.

The DNV custom platform became the foundation for Civil Space, an accessible tool for community organizations looking for a new level of transparent, accessible engagement.