The Way We Co-Design, Part 2: The Co-Design Workshop (A Guided Audio Activity)

This bonus activity is designed to serve as your audio facilitator through an actual co-design workshop. The exercise is designed for 3 people to participate in, and will take about 2 hours from start to finish, as Kevan guides you through the steps you need to take in a room, as actual participants in a mini co-design sprint.

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Supplies you'll need:

- 3 people in the room

- A stack of post-its

- A stack of 8x11 paper

- Sharpies

- Sticky dots

- A whiteboard, or easel paper

- A timer (your phone is fine)

- Computer (so you can bring up some accompanying visuals)

- For reference: The bright stars visual 

- Snacks and coffee

- A speaker, and a way to press pause easily on the episode 

- Approximately 2 hours' time

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Kevan Gilbert

Domain7’s Facilitation Practice Lead, Kevan brings wisdom from over a decade of experience leading award-winning digital strategies for a wide variety of institutions and businesses. A seasoned and engaging facilitator and speaker who has been with Domain7 since 2010, Kevan has helped shape our collaborative and people-centric culture. He’s studied design thinking and innovation processes at the THNK School of Creative Leadership.

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