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Domain7's podcast on creating purposeful digital change.

Episode 2: "Leading for Change," with guest Alex Trisoglio

In our second episode, we welcome senior leadership consultant, mindfulness teacher, and business professor Alex Trisoglio to the show to discuss what it takes to lead change in an increasingly volatile and uncertain world. Take a listen to this lively conversation that touched on cross-disciplinary thinking, generational shifts, psychological safety, and the importance of diverse strengths. 

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Episode guest: Alex Trisoglio

Alex has spent over two decades advising and coaching senior leaders on strategy, leadership and organizational change. His global consulting experience includes 19 years advising senior leaders at McKinsey and Company. He holds a PhD in leadership with a focus on decision-making in highly complex conditions. Alex is also a respected mindfulness and meditation teacher and an Adjunct Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour at the UBC Sauder School of Business.



Kevan Gilbert

Domain7's Director of Engagement Strategy, Kevan brings wisdom from over a decade of experience leading award-winning digital strategies for a wide variety of institutions and businesses. A seasoned and engaging facilitator and speaker who has been with Domain7 since 2010, Kevan has helped shape our collaborative and people-centric culture. He's studied design thinking and innovation processes at the THNK School of Creative Leadership.


Veronica Collins

Veronica coordinates and co-creates Domain7's content, exploring themes around digital making and human flourishing. A creative leader with rich experience in brand and storytelling for tech, social purpose, and higher education, Veronica enjoys cultivating a deeper understanding of how contemporary technologies can aid and support healthy human connection and create new spaces for meaning to emerge.

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"Leaders get frustrated with how unresponsive their organizations are. The more we talk about agile, the more people ask, 'Why can’t people move more quickly?' Well, let’s reflect on your last couple of New Year’s resolutions. Surprisingly, when we look at change in our own lives, it turns out it’s not so easy to do."

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Change is in the Making is Domain7's podcast about all things digital, explored through the lens of purposeful change. Together with our teammates and thoughtful external voices, we'll be delving into how to create meaningful change from a business standpoint, and a human perspective. We'll be discussing themes of digital transformation, empathy, culture-building and connection-making, tackling the complex challenges we face as digital makers...and simply as human beings in this moment in time. 

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