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Episode 5: "Empathy & Assertion: How to Communicate Effectively" with guest Ceri Rees

Our mission as a team is to create a more empathetic and connected world: but how do we accomplish that in our day-to-day work with colleagues, clients, and customers? In our fifth episode, engagement strategist and mediation facilitator Ceri Rees unpacks why assertion is as key to connection as empathy, and how to hold the two in balance. 

Also on the conversational agenda: how to listen effectively, why it's ok to sometimes wait before tackling a tough issue, and how our beliefs about conflict influence our emotional response and actions. 

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Episode guest: Ceri Rees

As Domain7's Director of Engagement Strategy, Ceri is our team's go-to when it comes to facilitating hard conversations. Ceri's road to Domain7 includes past experience in academic administration, branding and innovation. With Master’s degrees in Theology (UBC) and Biochemistry (Oxford), Ceri’s unique approach to blending analytical acuity, empirical knowledge, and relational wisdom has made her an expert strategist and clarifying voice on conflict resolution, empathy, assertion, and the human element of digital transformation.



Kevan Gilbert

Domain7's Director of Engagement Strategy, Kevan is away on paternity leave for this episode, but will return to the show later this summer. Kevan brings wisdom from over a decade of experience leading award-winning digital strategies for a wide variety of institutions and businesses. A seasoned and engaging facilitator and speaker who has been with Domain7 since 2010, Kevan has helped shape our collaborative and people-centric culture. He's studied design thinking and innovation processes at the THNK School of Creative Leadership.


Veronica Collins

Veronica coordinates and co-creates Domain7's content, exploring themes around digital making and human flourishing. A creative leader with rich experience in brand and storytelling for tech, social purpose, and higher education, Veronica enjoys cultivating a deeper understanding of how contemporary technologies can aid and support healthy human connection and create new spaces for meaning to emerge.

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"Empathy without assertion will be a bit flaky, but assertion without empathy can be too much. Whereas if you can bring the two together—I can empathize with you, I can really hear you well, and I'm in a much better position to then be able to bring forward what I need to bring forward as well."

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Change is in the Making is Domain7's podcast about all things digital, explored through the lens of purposeful change. Together with our teammates and thoughtful external voices, we'll be delving into how to create meaningful change from a business standpoint, and a human perspective. We'll be discussing themes of digital transformation, empathy, culture-building and connection-making, tackling the complex challenges we face as digital makers...and simply as human beings in this moment in time. 

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