Season 1: Change is in the Making Podcast

Join Kevan and Veronica in exploring what it takes to make purposeful change.

Explore the first season of Domain7's warm and insightful podcast for changemakers.

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Nine episodes of whole-hearted dialogue and discovery. And likeminded links to explore.

"An organization changes in the direction in which it inquires. When we turn that lens on our selves and our own lives, it’s often surprising to see what patterns emerge that we can choose to pursue on purpose."

- Kevan Gilbert

Kevan Gilbert

Domain7's Facilitation Practice Lead, Kevan brings wisdom from over a decade of experience leading award-winning digital strategies for a wide variety of institutions and businesses. A seasoned and engaging facilitator and speaker who has been with Domain7 since 2010, Kevan has helped shape our collaborative and people-centric culture. He's studied design thinking and innovation processes at the THNK School of Creative Leadership.

Veronica Collins

Veronica coordinates and co-creates Domain7's content, exploring themes around digital making and human flourishing. A creative leader with rich experience in brand and storytelling for tech, social purpose, and higher education, Veronica enjoys cultivating a deeper understanding of how contemporary technologies can aid and support healthy human connection and create new spaces for meaning to emerge.

Links on Culture

Links on Design

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