Say hello to the Loop

The Loop builds a rhythm of goal-driven, user-centered improvements to your digital efforts, creating extraordinary results and connected teams.

A pattern of iterative partnership

The Loop is a digital improvement program that grows with you. It’s an optimization package designed to keep your digital properties at their best. It consists of four steps, repeated each quarter:

1. Goal setting
What metrics do you care about? We make sure we’re on the same page for what “success” looks like, through a workshop and follow-up goal confirmation document.

2. Sprint planning
What tasks will we focus on? Through ideation sessions, we explore ideas and opportunities to meet those goals, and co-create a hit-list of our top priorities for the quarter.

3. Sprint activities
Who is working on what? Your Loop team gets to work running the daily and weekly activities of strategy, design and development, to complete the planned work.

4. Learning updates
What did we learn and improve? We provide concise snapshots and summaries of just how each task affected the stated goals, with an end-of-sprint report.

A new generation of iterative testing and user-centric design

Goal-centered UX optimizations can change your entire customer experience. You can treat your digital properties like the engines that they are: requiring tuning and tending to return high performance. 

Enter The Loop: inspired by the build-measure-learn model of continuous improvement, The Loop is an iterative partnership that focuses on ongoing measurement, user testing, design iterations and more.

The Loop breaks out of the box of traditional “client to agency”  relationships, and introduces a new, flexible model of continuous learning and change, designed for intelligent change.


How The Loop can change UX for your organization

Skyrocket your digital performance
Live iterations based on real data mean measurable, regular improvements to bottom-line results—results you can show your boss, your board and your customers.

Build smart habits across your team
Your in-house digital teams should be building the capacity and the habits to be absolutely the best champions for your brand on the web.

Enjoy the experience of digital well-done
Whether it’s collaborative ideation sessions, or celebrating frequent wins, doing digital right can be a fun, remarkable journey.

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