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Domain7 has been helping organizations become more people-centric since 1997, through design, technology and culture change.

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Design Thinking Training

Domain7's community-based design thinking training helps organizations grow mindsets of innovation,  cultivate empathy for your customers, and ideate brilliantly.
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Organization Workshop

What does "partnership" look like in your organization? The Organization Workshop, pioneered by Systems Thinking leader Barry Oshry, is a visceral learning experience.
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Co-Design Sprints

The powerful co-design sprint can help plan products, design interfaces and launch companies. Organizations transform through Domain7's co-creation toolset.
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Domain7's facilitators are experts in navigating the turbulence in organizations of all sizes and shapes, and building towards positive partnership and breakthrough change. We pull from design thinking, systems thinking, and other co-creation toolkits to catalyze insight and transformation. Contact us to get started.

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